REVEALED, Covid-19 Patient in Karimun Comes from Malaysia, He Had Coughing Up Blood

Patients positively exposed to Corona virus in Karimun District have a history of travel to Malaysia. He also has a experience coughing up of blood.

Illustration of Corona virus. - Patients positively exposed to Corona virus in Karimun District have a history of travel to Malaysia.

According to Head of Karimun District Health Department, Rachmadi during a press conference at Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Muhammad Sani Karimun Regency, the male patient returned from Malaysia on March 9, 2020.

Three days in Karimun, or precisely on March 12, 2020, he went to the Muhammad Sani Regional Hospital to have a check-up.

"He has a coughing up of blood," Rachmadi said.

Since the patient checked himself, the hospital immediately isolate it.

On Thursday (3/19/2020) at around 16:00 WIB the results of laboratory examination that stated the patient was positive were announced.

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"Today it was announced in Riau Islands, there were two additional patients who were positive Corona virus. One in Batam and one in Karimun," Rachmadi said.

Patient Covid-19 is 50-year-old male in karimun

One Karimun resident was declared positive of Corona virus.

Corona sufferer in Karimun is a man whose age is 40 to 50 years.

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