Waiting for Government Instruction, Batam Football Team Ready to Compete in Kepri Governor Cup 2020

Towards the implementation of the Kepri Governor's Cup 2020, the preparation of the Batam City soccer team was also a bit disrupted.

Preparation of players ahead of the Kepri Governor Cup 2020. Photo taken recently - Towards the implementation of the Kepri Governor Cup 2020, the preparation of the Batam City soccer team was also a bit disrupted.

Not without reason. Vigilance against the spread of the Corona virus is the main reason.

However, the team coach named Suhendra Jamal ensured that his foster children were 100 percent ready to face the competition which was planned to be held mid-June 2020. 

"Of course we are very ready and the target is to bring home the title. But we also see the situation because the impact of Corona is so widespread very quickly," he told the Tribun Batam, Friday (03/20/2020).

He continued, for the competition schedule so far there's been no decision to postpone.  

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"The info, only at the end of March, it is cooling down. But there is no continuation of how it will go in the future. We want it not to be postponed, but it is entirely a decision of the government, how good it is," he continued.

For the Kepri Governor Cup 2020 itself, the man with his nickname 'Bang Black' made sure the player's material was fulfilled.

He is optimistic, this year's title will be won again by Batam City after 2019 which failed.

"In 2018 we get the title. Hopefully this year we can become champions again," he concluded.


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