Need Help From Covid-19 Special Hospital in Galang Batam? Call 08116666555

The public can contact Batam Covid-19 Special Hospital, by call center on 08116666555. Telkomsel supports Batam City by providing call center devices. Hamapu
Covid-19 Special Hospital in Galang Island Batam City, Riau Islands Province, Monday (6/4/2020)., BATAM - As a form of concern in responding to Covid-19 pandemic, Telkomsel supports Batam City Government by providing CloudX call center devices.

The aim is to facilitate communication at Covid-19 Special Hospital located on Galang Island, Batam precisely in the former Camp Vietnam area which has been officially operating since Monday (6/4/2020).

General Manager of Consumer Sales in Sumbagteng Region Telkomsel Mulyadi Indra said, CloudX call center device was intentionally provided as a form of support to Batam City Government.

In terms of communication, during the handling of Covid-19 pandemic at Batam Covid-19 Special Hospital.

"This call center is used to connect the public with related units in the hospital, in accordance with their medical needs," Mulyadi said, Tuesday (04/07/2020).

CloudX Call Center allows one number to have several features that make it easy for the call center for serve multiple calls at the same time.

The public can contact Batam Covid-19 Special Hospital, by call center on 08116666555.

Later it will be directly connected to the service operator, administration, or Emergency Room (ER). ( Halawa)

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