Implementation of BP Batam Weather Modification Technology was Postponed, Scheduled for June

Prolonged drought has hit Batam City from 2018 to 2020. Preventing this, BP Batam seeks to implement TMC who was postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Water conditions in Duriangkang reservoir. Rain that has been falling recently has not been enough to raise the reservoir level., BATAM - Prolonged drought has hit Batam City from 2018 to 2020.

The intensity of rainfall that falls in the rainy season is also calculated to decrease from an average of 2200 - 2400 mm per year to only 1800 mm per year.

This sustainable condition could potentially put dams in Batam City threatened by drought.

Preventing this, Batam Facility and Environment Agency (BP) seeks to implement the Weather Modification Technology (TMC).

This technology is implemented in collaboration with BP Batam with Center for Weather Modification Technology, BPPT for its implementation.

The initial plan, TMC will be implemented in the last 10 days in April 2020 to 30 days in May 2020, based on the results of a feasibility study on the application of this technology in Batam City.

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However, according to Raw Water Manager, BP Batam Fasling Agency, Hadjad Widagdo, due to Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation was postponed in accordance with government recommendations in mid-June 2020.

"With Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation of TMC was postponed according to government policy," Hadjad said.

Through this weather modification technology, it is expected that heavy rain will occur at the location of reservoir in order to increase the availability of raw water in reservoirs. ( Sekar Utami)

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