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Become Place to Chilling Out and Sports, Batam Harbour Bay Area 'Flooded' With Visitors

One of the ports in Batam, namely Harbour Bay is now flooded with residents of Batam to chilling out and sport. Visitors can relax and looking the sea

Residents are exercising in Harbour Bay area of Batam on Wednesday (07/08/2020), BATAM - One of the ports in Batam, namely Harbour Bay is now flooded with residents of Batam to exercise.

Types of sports are also quite diverse. Some are biking, jogging to playing badminton.

No wonder why this place becomes crowded, especially when morning and evening. Old or young also liven up this place to exercise with colleagues, relatives and couples.

"Because the road is nice and wide, so it is very convenient to track biking and also the road is quite clean compared to other places," said Marissa, one of the cyclists to, Wednesday (07/08/2020)

Because of the crowds of visitors, Harbour Bay parking area becomes full in the morning and evening, especially on weekends.

To be able to enter the area, visitors only need to enter and pay for parking at the counter that has been provided.

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"Because the place is comfortable, the view of the sunset is also beautiful. You can see Singapore and the ships while jogging here. Like abroad," said Boy, one of the visitors.

Around the area, looks a few chairs provided are made of concrete. So that visitors can relax while looking at the view of the sea.

In the afternoon, the seafront area is also often full of visitors who are photographing the beautiful pattern of sky when the sun begins to set. Visitors suddenly issued their own cellphones to capture the exotic moments.

"It's good to be a social media status, too beautiful. Especially if you come with a partner," Ayu said while capturing the sunset.

( Ashari Diana Putri)

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