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Covid-19 Riau Islands Provincial Government Cluster, Task Force: Low Discipline of Health Protocols

Covid-19 Handling Task Force Spokesperson alluded to the lack of discipline in carrying health protocols related to Riau Islands Provincial Government

Spokesman of Covid-19 Handling Task Force Wiku Adisasmito. 

Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan, BATAM - The threat of an explosion in Covid-19 case from Riau Islands Provincial Government cluster received sharp attention from Covid-19 Handling Task Force.

Covid-19 Handling Task Force Spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito alluded to the lack of discipline in carrying out health protocols related to the emergence of Covid-19 cluster in Riau Islands Provincial Government ( Kepri).

"If it becomes infected and positive (Covid-19), then the person concerned has not run a disciplined health protocol.

Both himself and other parties who interact," said Wiku to, Sunday (2/8/2020).

Riau Islands Provincial Government cluster came after Governor Isdianto positive Covid-19.

Therefore, Wiku stressed that health protocols must be implemented in a disciplined manner by anyone, both the general public and even state officials.

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The health protocol in question, namely maintaining physical distance from each other, wearing masks and frequently washing hands with running water.

"For officials and celebrities, they should be able to be an example and role model in implementing health protocols. Let's protect each other," he said.

Previously, hundreds of Riau Islands provincial government officials were known to undergo swab tests to check whether Covid-19 was exposed or not.

This was done after Governor of Riau Islands Isdianto tested positive for Covid-19 after being installed at State Palace.

From the results of the inspection, based on data from the Center for Environmental Health and Disease Control (BTKLPP) Class I Batam, there were 40 officials who tested positive for Covid-19 out of 100 examined. (

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Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan
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