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Covid-19 in Batam Soared, 4 Public Health Center Closed, ASN Back to WFH Starting on August 31

The Covid-19 pandemic in Batam hasn't ended and is likely to increase. Therefore, the Batam City Government (Pemko) again enforced the WFH rules ...

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Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri, BATAM - The Covid-19 pandemic in Batam hasn't ended and is likely to increase. 

Therefore, the Batam City Government (Pemko) again enforced the work from home (WFH) rules for ASNs in the Batam City Government starting from 31 August to 17 September 2020.

This rule has been stated in the Batam Mayor Circular, Number 80 of 2020, concerning the Adjustment of the ASN Work System. 

One of the goals of this regulation is to protect the health of ASN employees and break the chain of spreading Covid-19.

In this effort as well as optimizing employee performance, Batam City Government implements a representation of at least 50% working in the office and 50% working at home.

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This rule is implemented with a pattern, 1 day in the office then 1 day WFH

Meanwhile, Primary High Leaders and Administrators in Batam City Government are required to continue working in the office as usual.

As of Saturday (29/8/2020), the number of Covid-19 in Batam has reached 617 cases. Of that number, 374 were declared cured, 32 died and 211 people are currently being treated.

The surge in Covid-19 cases in Batam also resulted in the closure of four Puskesmas temporarily.

That is because after health workers in health care facilities were confirmed Covid-19. ( Sekar) 

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Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
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