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Task Force: Handling Covid-19 Will Succeed if Society Disciplined in Implementing Health Protocols

Head of the Behavior Change Division of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Sonny Harry B Harmadi, said changes in people's behavior are at the ...
Firefighters spray disinfectant along the protocol road from Monas to the Senayan roundabout in Jakarta, Tuesday (31/3/2020). Spraying disinfectants in the context of mitigating the prevention of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri -  Head of the Behavior Change Division of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Sonny Harry B Harmadi, said changes in people's behavior are at the forefront of handling Covid-19

This means that handling Covid-19 will be successful if the community is disciplined in implementing health protocols. 

"We will not stop, continuously and massively remind the public of the importance of compliance with health protocols," said Sonny in a discussion at Graha BNPB, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/9/2020). 

According to Sonny, the Task Force has four strategies to change people's behavior to comply with health protocols during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. 

First, socializing or disseminating knowledge about Covid-19 to the public. Because the most important thing is that the public must first know what the coronavirus is. 

Second, encourage the public to agree and understand the information. 

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He gave an example of one of the government programs that had been successfully socialized to the public and approved until it was finally successful, namely Family Planning (KB). 

Third, the Task Force collaborates with other elements to carry out social engineering. 

Social engineering is intended to encourage people to comply with health protocols everywhere. 

Forms of social engineering, for example, are setting up hand washing stations, implementing temperature checks before someone enters a building, including deploying officials in public areas to ensure that the public adheres to implementing health protocols. 

The fourth strategy is to impose strict sanctions on those who violate health protocols and reward those who implement them well. 

Sonny hopes that this strategy will be able to change people's behavior quickly. 

"So, for those who do not comply with health protocols, at stations, for example, they will be ordered to leave," said Sonny. (*)

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Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri
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