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UPDATE December 19: DKI Jakarta Records 1.899 New Covid-19 Cases, The Highest since the Pandemic

Since the pandemic broke out in March 2020, until now DKI Jakarta has reported a total of 161,519 positive cases of Covid-19.

Coronavirus illustration - The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government again announced the latest developments in the Covid-19 case in the Capital City, Saturday (19/12/2020). 

Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Division of the DKI Jakarta Health Department, Dwi Oktavia said, based on the latest data from the Health Department, there were an additional 1,899 new cases of Covid-19 in Jakarta. 

In detail, 1,196 cases were known based on the results of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests on 13,582 people today and 703 cases were reported by one laboratory that examined the specimen. 

"The total addition of positive cases was 1,899 cases, because there were accumulated data of 703 cases from a state-owned hospital laboratory (in) the last seven days that were just reported," Dwi said through a press release, Saturday. 

With the addition of these new cases, the accumulation of Covid-19 cases in Jakarta to date is 161,519 cases.

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Case developments in the last week

In the last week, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government conducted PCR tests on 95,604 people.

This number is almost nine times the minimum standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Jakarta, which is 10,645 people per week.

On the other hand, DKI Jakarta's Covid-19 positivity rate for a week reached 9.8 percent.

This figure is far below the national positivity rate of 18.2 percent, but is still above the WHO safe threshold of 5 percent. 

Cumulative case developments

Since the pandemic broke out in March 2020, until now DKI Jakarta has reported a total of 161,519 positive cases of Covid-19.

A total of 145,066 (89.8 percent) patients have recovered. Jakarta's recovery rate is higher than the national recovery rate, which is 81.5 percent.

In addition, a total of 3,068 (1.9 percent) of Covid-19 patients in Jakarta died. This mortality rate is slightly lower than the national death rate of 3 percent. (*)

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