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Nyepi Day, President Joko Widodo: Shed The Anger, Envy, and Resentment

President Joko Widodo congratulated all Hindus in Indonesia through his personal Instagram account, Sunday (14/3/2021).

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President Joko Widodo - President Joko Widodo congratulated all Hindus in Indonesia through his personal Instagram account, Sunday (14/3/2021).

Jokowi asked Hindus to reflect on the Creator's gift of life in the silence of Nyepi. He also advised Hindus who are celebrating Nyepi to shed all anger and envy in their hearts. 

"In silence, we dive deep into our hearts, contemplating the gift of life from the Creator. So anger, resentment, and envy will disperse. And we rise up full of enthusiasm and optimism," said Jokowi. 

In his tweet, Jokowi also uploaded an image with the words 'Happy Nyepi Day, Saka New Year 1943'. 

Jokowi's upload has received more than 143 thousand likes and 1,000 comments when viewed at 11.22 WIB.

Every year, Hindus celebrate Nyepi Day. This year, Nyepi Day falls on March 14, 2021. 

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The word of Nyepi comes from the word 'silence'. Therefore, the celebration was passed in a quiet situation with a number of Nyepi rules. 

The province of Bali, as a predominantly Hindu region, issued a special policy during this year's Nyepi celebration.

The Bali Provincial Government has instructed to turn off IPTV and cellular data in the Bali region during the Nyepi period. IPTV and cellular data will be disabled for 24 hours. 

Not only that, the Bali Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission together with the Provincial Government agreed to call on TV and radio not to broadcast on Nyepi. (*) 

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