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A Covid-19 Patient in Batam Dies, New Cases Continue to Increase, Reaching 38 People

The patient who died was one of the findings of 38 new cases of Covid-19, last Wednesday. Most of the patients were asymptomatic, but there were ...

Illustration, BATAM - Another Covid-19 patient in Batam died on Wednesday (4/22/2021), namely a resident of Nongsa District, Batam

The patient numbered 6,704 with the initials NR. She is a 67 year old housewife who lives in the Punggur Lot area, Kabil, Nongsa

Had experienced complaints of shortness of breath for 3 days, the patient's health symptoms worsened. 

After receiving intensive care at Elisabeth Batam City Hospital, the patient was declared dead. 

The patient who died was one of the findings of 38 new cases of Covid-19, last Wednesday. 

Most of the patients were asymptomatic, but there were also nine patients with mild to severe symptoms. 

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As a result of the findings of these new cases, currently, the number of Covid-19 cases in Batam has reached 6,722 cases, of which, 6,096 of them have recovered, 159 have died, and 467 are being treated. 

"The cure case rate is 90.6 percent, the active case rate is 6.9 percent, and the death rate is 2.3 percent," said the Head of Health Sector Batam City Covid-19 Task Force, Didi Kusmardjadi. 

Meanwhile, currently seven sub-districts are still in a red zone, namely Batam City with 127 cases under treatment, Sei Beduk 43 cases, Sagulung 31 cases, Batuaji 66 cases, Sekupang 67 cases, Lubuk Baja 41 cases, and Bengkong 46 cases. 

Two other sub-districts that have an orange zone, namely Nongsa with 20 cases, and Belakangpadang with 16 cases.

Galang Subdistrict with 1 case, and Batu Ampar with 9 cases still in a yellow zone. 

Meanwhile, Bulang District is still in a green zone without the Covid-19 cases.

( Sekar Utami)

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