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After the Talaud Islands, Another Earthquake Shakes Nias, 4 Aftershocks Occur

After the Talaud Islands, an earthquake also shook the Indian Ocean region on the West Coast of Sumatra, Nias with a magnitude of 5.6.
Illustration, NIAS -After the Talaud Islands, an earthquake also shook the Indian Ocean region on the West Coast of Sumatra, Nias with a magnitude of 5.6. 

Based on the results of the analysis of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Department (BMKG) shows that this earthquake occurred at 09.41 WIB, Saturday, (7/10/2021). 

Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center, Bambang Setiyo Prayitno MSi, said this earthquake had an updated parameter with a magnitude of 5.5. 

Bambang said that the epicenter of the earthquake was at coordinates 1.85 degrees North Latitude; 96.84 degrees east longitude, or more precisely, at sea with a distance of 74 km to the northwest of Lotu City, North Nias Regency, North Sumatra at a depth of 32 km. 

"By looking at the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, the earthquake that occurred was a shallow type of earthquake due to the subduction activity of the Indo-Australian plate (in the Nias region) which subducted under the Eurasian plate," he said. 

The results of the analysis of the source mechanism show that the earthquake in the Nias area has a thrust fault mechanism. 

Even though the epicenter of this earthquake was at sea, the BMKG modeling results didn't show the potential for a tsunami

However, like the earthquake shocks that occurred in the Talaud Islands, the earthquake shocks in the Nias region also made people in a number of areas feel the tremors with varying intensity scales. 

Meanwhile, the results of BMKG monitoring until 10.15 WIB, Saturday (7/10/2021), showed that there were 4 (four) aftershock activities with the largest magnitude 4.4 and the smallest 3.2.

So BMKG appeals to the public to remain calm and not be influenced by issues that cannot be justified. (*)

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