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The Latest Condition of Batam's Hang Nadim Airport, Empty of Passengers during PPKM Level 4

A number of activities for prospective passengers who want to depart through Batam's Hang Nadim Airport Terminal, seemed quiet on Friday (8/6/2021).

Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri | Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri Simanjuntak
Prospective passengers at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport during the extension of PPKM level 4, Friday, (8/6/2021), BATAM - A number of activities for prospective passengers who want to depart through Batam's Hang Nadim Airport Terminal, seemed quiet on Friday (8/6/2021) afternoon. 

This is related to the implementation of the extension of PPKM level 4 till August 9 in Batam.

According to's observation, only one departure gate was opened, while the other departure gates were closed. 

The small number of prospective passengers didn't seem to make it difficult for airport officials and health workers who checked the validation of the health files belonging to prospective passengers. 

On the other hand, based on observations at the location, a number of shops selling food and beverages were still open, although the visitors were quiet. 

For information, for those of you who want to travel domestically through Batam's Hang Nadim Airport, you can complete the departure requirements with a certificate of PCR and a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination at least the first dose.  

"For prospective child passengers who haven't been vaccinated, then make a certificate from a specialist doctor, either from a hospital or a health center but still attach the PCR results," said the airport officer, Rido.  

Previously, it was reported that the government had officially extended the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) until August 9, 2021. 

The determination of the PPKM level is based on indicators that have been set by the Minister of Health (Menkes), and have been stated in the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) Number 27 of 2021. 

The Inmendagri was signed directly by the Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian on Monday, August 2, 2021, which contained a number of technical rules regarding the implementation of PPKM in a number of regions.

Batam, which is an industrial city in the Riau Islands Province (Kepri), also applies these rules. 

One of them is the requirement to travel by plane for those who want to leave or entering Batam City during the PPKM period. 

( Halomoan Simanjuntak) 

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