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East Java Contributes Highest Covid-19 Death and Positive Cases Today

East Java (Jatim) became the only province that contributed to the death toll from Covid-19 above 100 cases, Tuesday (8/31). East Java also in the ...

Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri | Editor: Eko Setiawan
The Straits Times
Medical personnel illustration - East Java (Jatim) became the only province that contributed to the death toll from Covid-19 above 100 cases, Tuesday (8/31). East Java also in the fisrt ranks of province with the highest additional deaths today. 

Based on data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, an additional 132 positive patients with the coronavirus died in East Java

The next position is West Java with 37 cases, DI Yogyakarta with 33 cases, Central Java with 31 cases, and Riau with 30 cases. 

A total of 11 provinces recorded deaths under 30 cases. Meanwhile, 14 other provinces recorded the addition of residents who died below 10 cases. 

Meanwhile, there are five provinces with zero deaths, namely Papua, West Papua, Maluku, North Maluku, and Bengkulu. 

Furthermore, East Java is also the province that contributes the most confirmed Covid-19 cases today, with 1,323 cases. 

Followed by West Java with 1,127 cases, North Sumatra with 792 cases, Central Java with 635 cases, and East Kalimantan with 548 cases. Meanwhile, Jakarta is outside the top five with an additional 399 new cases.  

Furthermore, 24 provinces recorded cases with the addition of 100-800 cases in a day. 

While 8 other provinces accounted for new cases under 100.

Today, there were an additional 10,534 positive cases of Covid-19.

Positive patients who were declared cured increased by 16,781 people, and Covid-19 patients who died increased by 532 people.

Cumulatively, a total of 4,089,801 people tested positive for Covid-19. Of that number, 3,760,497 people recovered, 196,281 people underwent hospital treatment and self-isolation, and 133,023 others died. (*)

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