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Good News! End of This Year, 7 Roads in Batam Will Get Expansion, Check the Location

Batam City will complete the work of segment expansion road at several points in Batam City. This is the list of some road who will get expansion.

Widening the road at Simpang Kuda to Bengkong path. In this photo from above the Crossing Bridge. - The Department of Highways and Water Resources or Dinas Bina Marga dan Sumber Daya Air (DBM-SDA) in Batam City will complete the work of segment expansion road at several points in Batam City.

That was said by the Head of DBM-SDA, Batam City, Yumasnur to, Tuesday (27/08/2019).

Some of the road points are:
1. Selai Simpang to the direction of Edukit, Laksamana Muda Street
2. Kabil Intersection towards Duta Mas
3. Horse Statue Sei Panas to the direction of Bengkong
4. Kara Intersection towards Gelael Intersection
5. Baloi Mas Intersection towards Baloi Kota Mas
6. Baloi Intersection to Lubuk Baja Police Station
7. The road in front of the Great Mosque 2 Sultan Mahmud Riayad Syah

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Yumasnur said, the project is under construction and the technicians continuing to supervise.

From the construction, he said, the two widening roads were funded by PUPR.

"Kabil Intersection towards Duta Mas and direction to Sukajadi is a PUPR project, it has become the main route," he said.

The point is, throughout this year the city has agreed on an infrastructure arrangement that has been approved by the mayor's vision.

Related to our traffic lane, safe factor can eventually encourage the tourists to come, and approval of the economic cycle goes on, he concluded. ( Lumbantobing)

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