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List of 45 DPRD Kepri Members, Here's The Situation on Today Inauguration

45 members of DPRD Provinsi Kepri for 2019-2024 period get inauguration today. Here are the names that will be appointed as members of DPRD Kepri.

Situation in Riau Islands DPRD building shortly before the inauguration of Kepri DPRD members, Monday (9/9/2019). - Around 10:00 WIB, Monday (9/9/2019) this morning, 45 members of Riau Islands Provincial Parliament called DPRD Provinsi Kepulauan Riau (Kepri) will be inauguration serving as councilors for 2019-2024 period.

Based on observation, Monday (09/09/2019) about 100 meters from the location of DPRD Kepri office, which is located in Dompak, Tanjungpinang City, has been decorated with a variety of congratulatory flower boards.

Meanwhile, in front of the entrance there are some police officers, and Satpol PP seemed busy arranging all the guests who came.

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In this kind of security, also installed a detector device for every guest who enters.

It was seen that one by one, the members of council to get appointed had arrived.

Here are the names that will be appointed as members of DPRD Kepri elected in 2019-2024 period.

Electoral District Kepri I Tanjung Pinang (5 seats)

1.H.Lis Darmansyah, S.H received 16,867 votes from PDIP.

2. H. Teddy Jun Askara, SE, MM received 11,279 votes from Golkar Party.

3. Eis Aswati received 9,204 votes from Democratic Party.

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