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Not Want To Be Complain, EF Batam Hospital Director Asks BPJS for Socialization of Rising Fees

BPJS Health fee contribution will increase. Director of Embung Fatimah Hospital in Batam City, Ani Dewiyana asked BPJS to held intensify socialization

Director of Embung Fatimah Regional Hospital, dr Ani Dewiana - Not wanting to accept the impact of BPJS Health fee contribution that increase, which will take effect on January 1, 2020, Director of Embung Fatimah Hospital in Batam City, Ani Dewiyana asked BPJS to intensify socialization to public.

"We have to socialize because eventually patients will seek treatment from us. If you don't know the new payment pattern, then you will be angry with us," Ani said, Friday (6/9/2019) at Batam City DPRD Building on Jl Engku Putri, Batam Center, Batam, Riau Islands.

Meanwhile, RSUD is only providing health services.

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Ani said, the increase in BPJS Health fees was a government program. Therefore, it must be supported.

"This is a central policy. We want to be angry, it's bad. It must be supported," he said.

From the information, the policy to increase BPJS Health contributions as of January 1 next year is aimed at overcoming deficit experienced by health insurance company.

Reportedly, Minister of Finance of Republic Indonesia, Sri Mulyani, proposed an increase in BPJS Health contributions for class I participants.

From IDR 81,000 to IDR 160,000. Class II from IDR 52,000 to IDR 110,000, and class III from IDR 22,500 to IDR 42,000.

The plan to increase BPJS contributions is actually for Mandiri participants, not for poor recipients of contribution assistance called Penerima Bantuan Iuran (PBI).

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Meanwhile, based on data, BPJS Health Batam Branch Office, serving BPJS membership as many as 918,957 people in Batam. Of this amount, 439,742 were wage earners or pekerja penerima upah (PPU).

These include, Civil Servants (PNS), Indonesian National Armed Forces / Indonesian National Police, state officials, non-PNS government employees, private / state employees / others.

Then, 277,471 participants were from non-wage workers (PBPU). Furthermore, there were 3,746 non-workers. Then recipient of contribution assistance (PBI) 160,531 people, and PBI from regional budget amounted to 37,467.

Besides Batam, BPJS Health of Batam Branch Office also serves participants in Karimun area. The total is 173,644 people. Of this number, 42,442 were from PPU, then 40,477 participants were from PBPU, 4,328 were from non-workers. Furthermore, 53,549 from PBI and 32,848 from APBD PBI.

Plan to increase BPJS Health fees is currently still flooded with rejection. Sharp criticism directed at the government. The initial rejection came from DPR. Trade unions and some employers' associations also reject the policy. ( haryati)

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