BP2RD Develops QR Code For Billboard Tax, There are 882 Billboard Points in Batam

BP2RD targets to development of QR code for each billboard in Batam, begin September 2019. This QR code aims to facilitate BP2RD in advertisement tax

BP2RD Develops QR Code For Billboard Tax, There are 882 Billboard Points in Batam
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Illustration of using QR Code - Batam City Tax and Retribution Management Department called Badan Pengelola Pajak dan Retribusi Daerah (BP2RD) targets to development of Quick Response (QR) code for each billboard in Batam, to begin in September 2019.

Batam City BP2RD Secretary, Aditya Guntur Nugraha said, this QR code aims to facilitate BP2RD in terms of advertisement tax supervision. In the end, it is expected that regional revenue target from advertisement tax can be realized optimally.

"Our target for September must keep running," said Aditya at Batam City DPRD Building on Jalan Engku Putri, Batam Center, Batam, Riau Islands, Monday (9/9).

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In its implementation, Batam City Government will cooperate with third parties, as server owner. The leading sector will be in Batam Cipta Karya and Spatial Planning Office.

BP2RD will also request synergy with Batam Business Entity called Badan Pengusahaan (BP) as authorized party, regarding to determination of billboard points in Batam. Currently it is still in technical preparation stage for installing barcodes at billboards in Batam.

"Vendor is coming today. We hope the business can be finished, so it can be launched soon," he said.

From their data, there are at least 882 billboards in Batam. All of their barcode will be installed for QR Code. That is, for billboards who didn't have a barcode can be assumed as illegal.

"This number (882 billboards) will be finalized again, how much is certain. Because there is also some road points that has been widened," said former Belian Village Chief.

First stage, for official billboards that already exist in the field at this time, will be installed a barcode on reclamation pole. As for the new billboards that will be aired, a barcode will be inserted in soft copy. BP2RD hopes that next year this QR Code can be realized for all billboards in Batam.

"In October, we plan to disseminate information to businesses, taxpayers, and citizens," said Aditya.

Meanwhile, looking at the data in regional revenue information system, Batam City Government is targeting an advertisement tax of IDR 11.78 billion until the end of 2019. From that target, the realization is only IDR 6.73 billion or 57.15 percent.

Previously, BP Batam also planned to fix the aesthetics of Batam City through reorganization of installation for billboard points. The goal is to create a clean, beautiful and green city environment. The plan is, curbing will be carried out this September.

BP Batam Infrastructure and Facilities Development Director, Purnomo Andiantono said, Ad Interim Member 4 / Deputy of Other Facilities Management BP Batam had signed the matter of a joint team controlling billboards, both digital and conventional billboards.

"Before controlling, we first disseminate information to entrepreneurs and associations," Andi said. (wie)

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