Kepri Province Tourism Department Hopes, 10 Events in Kepri Enter National Calendar of Events 2020

Kepri Tourism Department hope that 10 events from Kepri could enter the top 100 national events. This year Kepri only got 6 event rations that held

Kepri Province Tourism Department Hopes, 10 Events in Kepri Enter National Calendar of Events 2020
Head of Riau Islands Tourism Department, Buralimar at Barelang Marathon 2018 event - Riau Islands or Kepulauan Riau (Kepri) Tourism Department in entering the end of 2019, has begun to record activities that will be carried on the annual calendar of events in 2020.

"We are required to submit a calendar of Kepri events which are approximately in top ten national events, and 100 national events. And we try to put the rest into the crossborder event, "said Head of Kepri Tourism Department, Buralimar, recently.

Buralimar also said, for Kepri events, his party had included all aspirations this year, so Kepri Tourism Department had already pocketed a total of 200 events.

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"From there we will sort out which ones enter the national top events; the top 10 and the top 100. And which ones will be backed up with a cross-border budget. For our cross-border there are 46 events, later we will have a meeting with marketing one, "he explained.

Plans to include activities in 10 and 100 National events, Buralimar said more efforts were needed to convince the curators including expert staff of Genpi, Markplus and artists in Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

"We hope, I really hope that 10 events from Kepri could enter the top 100 national events," said Buralimar.

In 2019, Kepri had decreased the event's ration which entered Ministry of Tourism's top agenda, this year Kepri only got 6 event rations.

"We have indeed decreased rations. For this year, top 10 national events include IronMan. And 5 more entered top 100 events, namely Festival Penyengat, Tour de Bintan, Festival Bahari Kepri, Bintan Triathlon, and Batam National Culture Carnival,” he said.

As proof that Kepri are able to attract foreign tourists by getting second place in the entry of foreign tourists to Indonesia, Buralimar hopes Kepri events can be a concern to enter national event calendar

"Although the target is around 2.4-3,6 foreign tourists, but hopefully we can penetrate in numbers of 3 million," he concluded. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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