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Sadistic Jambret (Thief) In Batam, Injuring The Victim's Hand With Scissors When Pullings Bag

Thief wasn't ticked after being arrested by the team member of the Buser Polsek Batuampar in Batam's Kampung Bule area.

Penulis: Lia Sisvita Dinatri | Editor: Lia Sisvita Dinatri Setiawan
Batu Ampar Police Chief AKP Reza Morandi Tarigan When Exposing The Actors of Jambret, BATAM - Thief wasn't ticked after being arrested by the team member of the Buser Polsek Batuampar in Batam's Kampung Bule area. 

The perpetrator named Dimas Dewanta alias Tole (21). He was found snatching a woman with the initial N. 

Even when the victim fought, the offender injured the victim's hand using a scissors. 

Batu Ampar Police Chief AKP. Reza Morandi Tarigan when confirmed, Monday (9/9/2019) in the afternoon confirmed the arrest. 

"There had been a tug between victims and the perpetrators, but the perpetrator pierced the victim's hands using scissors," Reza explained. 

Until finally, the victim's motorcycle crashed into a suspect motorcycle. Both of them fell.

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"The suspect ran away and chased by the police officers Batuampar who Incidentally at the location," he said. 

Suspects run away to the Kampung Bule area. Briefly hiding, but the suspect can finally be secure by the police.

As an evidence, the police secured several mobile phone units from the suspect. One unit of motorbike Yamaha Mio M3 in red with a vehicle license plate BP 5975 QC. 

"We will snare the perpetrators with Article 365 about theft by violence (Curas). The suspect is threatened with a sentence of 12 years in prison," he said. ( 

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