Smog Attacks Tarempa Region, Is it Danger? Here's Anambas Health Department Explanation

Smog covered Anambas Islands region. Smog usually be seen in the morning and evening till night. Head of Health Department Herianto, explained this.

Smog Attacks Tarempa Region, Is it Danger? Here's Anambas Health Department Explanation
Head of Anambas Islands District Health Department (KKA) Herianto at his office - Smog immediately covered Anambas Islands region, especially in Tarempa, Riau Islands Province (Kepri) and was seen on Wednesday (9/11/2019).

This smog usually be seen in the morning and evening till night.

Tarempa citizens who live a little far from sea, settle in the mountains, at night see this smog like kind of dew.

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However, until now there has not been any citizens complain related to smog coming to Tarempa area, Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province.

That was justified by Head of Health Department Herianto, he explained, there had been no reports of health problems due the smog attack.

"I have not received a report from Community Health Center called Puskesmas, usually if there are people who will come to Puskesmas, then from Puskesmas immediately reported to me, it will usually be immediately followed up, but now still in safe situation," said Herianto to, Wednesday (11) / 9/2019).

Usually reports come from Puskesmas to Department. But for now, they are still watching first.

Based on's monitoring for today, citizens and student activities is still in normal condition.

Usually, it it's not safe anymore, Head of Health Department will take action, dismiss students activities and distribute masks to citizens.

"For now, we have not give any order to school, because it is still safe, this smog was send by wind," added Herianto. ( Rahma Tika)

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