Mangrove Forest Turned Into Heap Land, International Shipping Flows In Batam Will Being Threatened!

International cruise line in Batam is threatened by reclamation activity of Batam Center International port. Mangrove trees now turn into a heap land., BATAM - The international cruise line in Batam is threatened by the reclamation activity of the Batam Center International port, some time ago. 

This reclamation position is on the right side of the port. Not far from where the ships lean. The original mangrove trees now turn into a heap of land.

"In the past it has been happened the reclamation activities here. We do not know from which companies, and what they want to build. But if we look today, the rest of the reclamation still exists, "said the operational Manager of PT Synergy Tharada, Nika Astaga, Tuesday (10/9/2019) at Batam International Port Center.

While it is set up in the laws related about the navigation. Distance 500 meters from the cruise sign, there should be no buildings, because enter the forbidden area.

In fact, the reclamation activities around the waters is still remain.

"Obviously there will be a threat to the cruise, therefore the heap land and there is an international groove. This will impact internationally, "said the man who once worked as a policeman. 

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As known, the international port of Batam Center is one of the gates of foreign tourists to come to Batam, Kepri, Indonesia.

The reclaimed area belongs to the Bay Tering area. 

Nika continued, for the flow of the cruise, the threat wasn't really significant. The thickening was there, just that the cruise can still pass through the groove.

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Yet another impact is quite disturbing. Especially dust due to blown wind. In addition, some seawater turn yellow when the reclamation process is still running. 

He continued, about 5 months later, reclamation activity in the area get stop. Especially since the legal case that dragged the non-active Governor Kepri, Nurdin Basirun.

But, there is still concern about it once the activity is running again. Because the reclamation hasn't been closed yet. ( haryati)

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