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Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition Will Come to Batam, Performing Powerful Engine

Yamaha Indonesia officially launches 'Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition. In Batam, you can order starting last August, Here are the look of them. Nurpatria
Yamaha Livery Monster Energy MotoGP 2019 - Yamaha Indonesia officially launches 'Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition'. The latest motorbike series comes as partnership between Yamaha and Monster Energy for MotoGP 2019 racing season.

"For the latest series, it was officially launched in Jakarta on May 27, 2019. But for Batam, you can order starting last August, " BM Yamaha Alfa Scorpii said, Suwandi, Wednesday (9/11).

Suwandi said that Monster Energy series could be owned by Batam citizens by visiting all the nearest Yamaha branches for YZF-R15 motorbike, All New Vixion, Aerox 155 VVA, and last, MX-15 King 150.

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"Monster Energy Series further emphasizes the look and more manly design," he said.

Suwandi explained the latest series of motorcycles already have superior specifications presented by Yamaha.

For example Aerox 115 VVA Monster Energy Yamaha Moto GP Edition which already has a new generation of 155cc engine equipped with "Variable Valve Actuation" (VVA).

The existence of VVA, said Suwandi, makes engine pull performance more powerful. Equipped with powerful and lightweight "Forged Piston & Diyl Cylinder" makes maximum engine performance, and is also equipped with "Smart Motor Generator" (SMG) which makes motor sounds smoother when turned on.

As for All New R14 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition already uses 155 cc engine, 6 acceleration, 4 valves, and equipped with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) which will make torque equally at each engine speed.

The series has also been equipped with Liquid Cooled which will make engine temperature stable.

Not only that, use of Delta Box Frame is able to maintain perfect stability in maneuvering.

"Delta box can be found in R15 and Vision, in body frame that makes the unit very sturdy in event of an accident and falls," he concluded.

For those who are interested, theese motorcycle series from Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition can be had at an affordable price.

Because, Suwandi said Yamaha was giving cheap down payment promos and affordable installments during September in the "September Ceria". (*)

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