BAJAFASH 2019 - Marion Jola Indulges The Jazz Music Lovers In Radisson Hotel Batam

The millennial artist Marion Jola sing and livened up the Batam Jazz and Fashion 2019. Shape of You is one of her Fav.
Marion Jola performs energetic while entertaining fans to Batam Jazz Fashion Festival at Radisson Hotel Ballroom, Batam, Friday (13/9), BATAM - The melodious characteristic of the voice, the millennial artist Marion Jola livened up the Batam Jazz and Fashion 2019 event at the Ballroom of Hotel Radisson, Batam, Friday (13/09/2019). 

Sparkling stage decorated with colorful lights with a blend of jazz music, the clingy sound of the young Baby Pink princess, Marion Jola, filled the entire room. 

Using a golden pink dress code dress that is tied back and combined with high heel sandals, so that the reflection of the light attracts the attention of the audience. 

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The melodious voice makes the audience don't wanna go back home. 

Various performances she did, that make the audience scramble to capture the picture of her.

From the stage she greeted the audience immediately, and threw 4 flower bands to the audience. 

The millenials immediately scramble the flowers, those who come with the couple as if they build the romanticism. 

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Some fans of Marion Jola even attempted to take a pictures with her.

Marion Jola sings her 6 favorite songs. Guided by her 6 music teams till the last song. 

Those six songs were titled; Shape of You, Mash up Kangen, Syantik, Rayu, TIPL and So in love. ( Lumbantobing) 

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