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BP Batam Achieve Three Consecutive WTP Awards

BP Batam achieve WTP award from Minister of Finance Republic Indonesia during National Government Accounting and Financial Reporting 2019 at Jakarta.

Vice Minister of Finance Republic Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Mardiasmo, MBA Akt presented WTP award to the Head of BP Batam SPI, Agung Presetya Adi representing Head of BP Batam, Edy Putra Irawady at Dhanapala Building, Jakarta, Thursday (12/09/2019). - Badan Pengusahaan (BP) won an award called Wajar Tanpa Pengecualian (WTP) for its achievements in preparing and presenting Financial Report 2018. This WTP award, has been the third time receive by BP Batam.

The award was given directly by Vice Minister of Finance Republic Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Mardiasmo MBA Akt and received by Head of BP Batam Internal Examination Unit (SPI), Agung Presetya Adi representing Head of BP Batam.

This award was received during National Government Accounting and Financial Reporting 2019 activities at Dhanapala Building, Jakarta, Thursday (12/9).

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Agung said, high commitment of BP Batam leadership to ensure the quality of financial reports became successful, BP Batam won WTP award three years in a row.

Agung also appreciated the efforts of leaders who responded in following up on BPK's findings at BP Batam.

"This award is the result of leadership commitment and cooperation from all parties at BP Batam," Agung said in a BP Batam Public Relations release, Monday (9/16).

He believes, on basis of this commitment, a domino effect will emerge on related units, both accounting units and reporting units.

They work hard to take responsibility in the form of recording, summarizing, classifying, until the realization to accounting reports.

"Direction from Deputy Minister of Finance Republic Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Mardiasmo, in the future administration officials transition from tangible assets to intangible assets," he said.

That is, demanded there is creativity, ideas, and breakthroughs in HR field. Be more advanced and strive to improve performance.

"At present, financial statements are still historical. So, we need more than that," he said.

In the process, Agung added, BPK would open records of financial statements that produce opinions and other records.

With another note, first, in the form of an examination obedience.

Namely choosing entity who obey the applicable laws and regulations. Second is internal control system, that is, internal control system is also great, it will be aligned with related quality.

"We hope this hard work can be approved and increased. It should not be careless," said Agung. (* / / dewi haryati)

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