Left to Sleep, Thief Digged 5 Unit Phones From Residents in Sagulung Batam

Five residents in boarding house at Sagulung District being victim of cellphones theft. It's were lost when all the residents sleeping in their rooms.

Left to Sleep, Thief Digged 5 Unit Phones From Residents in Sagulung Batam
Illustration of mobile phone theft - Five residents of boarding house at Block E number 185, Sei Pelenggut Sub-district, Sagulung District, became victims of theft.

Five units of their cellphone were lost when all the residents of boarding room fell into sleep.

Before going to bed, three android phones of residents are put in living room while being charge, and the other two are in their room.

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However, when they woke up at 05.00 WIB, all the residents at boarding house's cellphone was gone.

Sadar Marulak, one of five residents in boarding house said, they only found out their cellphone was gone when all the residents got up and got ready to go work.

"We only realize when we wake up, it's usually the first thing we look for," he said.

He said, when this incident happens, all residents were asleep.

"We don't know what time it happened, we know after waking up in the morning," said Sadar.

Not accepting the incident, residents of boarding house in Kavling Melati made a report to Sagulung Police Station (Polsek).

"We have made the report, yesterday we reported only three units of Android mobile phones. The thing is, only three of them have boxes," Sadar said.

He also said, he lost all contact with his family.

"All the numbers are on cellphone, so now I don't know how to contact them anymore," said Sadar.

Regarding to incident, Police Chief or Kapolsek Sagulung, AKP Riyanto, said this report was still under investigation.

"We are still scrutinized, we have asked for information from all residents of boarding house," said Riyanto. ( Sitanggang)

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