5 Diseases That Need To Be Cautioned Due To The Smog Haze!

Forest and land fires in South Sumatra make a number of surrounding areas covered by thick smog haze. Here are 5 diseases that caused by the haze.

5 Diseases That Need To Be Cautioned Due To The Smog Haze!
The condition of thick smog that covered the city of Palembang due to land fires in the South Sumatera region -  Forest and land fires (karhutla) in South Sumatra make a number of surrounding areas covered by thick smog haze. As a result, the air quality becomes so unhealthy. 

The Unhealthy air certainly has a negative impact on public health. 

The elders and children in the city of Pekanbaru, Riau, even experienced several diseases. One of them is Asthma. 

Here are 5 diseases caused by the haze, as reported by the 

1. Upper respiratory tract infection.

This disease has another name, ISPA. ISPA is actually caused by a virus infection and not because of the smog. However, severe pollution coupled with a weakened immune system can lead to ISPA. ISPA also occurs because the ability of the lungs and respiratory tract in dealing with infection is reduced, thereby causing infections. During this time, ISPA has infected more children and the elderly. 

2. Asthma

This disease is known as genetic diseases. However, asthma can also be caused by poor air quality. The haze which is currently rampant carrying small-sized particles that enter through the respiratory tract and cause interference like cigarette smoke. People with asthma, especially children, are the group who most vulnerable to the threat of the haze. 

3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

This disease is a combination of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis. According to the Canadian Lung Foundation, smoke haze caused by forest fires can be fatal for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease sufferers because it can reduce or worsen the lung performance. If the sufferers of this disease are exposed to smog for a long time, it can increase the risk of death. 

4. Heart disease

Need to know, the haze carries a mini particle called (PM2.5) which can enter the airway through the respiratory tract. A study from the California Environmental Protection Agency in 2014 has proven, the patients who are exposed to the smog in a long time, can get the double risk of heart attack or stroke. 

5. Irritation

In its mildest form, being exposed to smog can irritate the eyes, throat, nose and can cause headaches or allergies. The Canadian Lung Association warns that the face masks cannot protect the body from the exposure of the extra small particles that carried by smog. 


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