The Minister of Transportation Said; The Smoke Haze In Riau STARTING TO SUBSIDES

Haze due to forest and land fires in Riau and Kalimantan regions has affected to the flight activities. Menhub says: No need to worry.

The Minister of Transportation Said; The Smoke Haze In Riau STARTING TO SUBSIDES
Smoke Haze at APT Pranoto Airport, Sungai Siring, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. -  Haze due to forest and land fires (Karhutla) that occurred in the Riau and Kalimantan regions has affected to the flight activities. 

The Minister of Transportation (Menteri Perhubungan), Budi Karya Sumadi, stated that in Riau, the concentration of smoke had begun to subside, although the opposite was still happening in Kalimantan. 

"In Riau the smoke has subsided little by little even though there is still haze in the morning. But for Kalimantan it needs a bit more serious handling," Budi said in the Monas area, Jakarta, Wednesday (09/18/2019). 

The Minister of Transportation said, for flights to and from the Kalimantan region, the flight operators were advised for always be careful. 

In addition, his side will always monitor the progress of the smoke haze density and inform it intensively for the aviation. 

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"We will intensively give warnings to the public, especially on flights, to be more careful when taking off or when going to landing," he said. 

Meanwhile, the conditions in the new capital city in the Kalimantan region, the Minister of Transportation said that even though the condition was affected, it was not as severe as in other Kalimantan regions. So there is no need to worry. 

Since a few days ago, a number of airlines such as Garuda Indonesia and Citilink, changed the flight schedules or even canceled a number of schedules due to visibility or visibility was disrupted. (*)

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