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Today's Gold Price, Thursday (9/19) Down to IDR 759,000 per Gram, Check Complete Cost!

Antam Logam Mulia website recorded gold price at IDR 759,000 per gram. There is a little decrease in price of gold bars when compared to previous day.

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Metal gold bars sold at Cantik gold shop in Tebet Market, Jakarta. - The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) was quoted from Antam Logam Mulia website, on Thursday (19/9) recorded at IDR 759,000 per gram.

With these figures, indicate that there is a decrease in price of gold bars when compared to previous day by IDR 5,000.

Meanwhile, the buy back price or price obtained when selling Antam gold by gold bar holders on Thursday (9/19/2019) is IDR 675,000.

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The buy back price is also known have fallen by IDR 5,000 compared to previous day's price.

It is known, after touching the highest level of IDR 775,000 on September 5, 2019, gold price after that has indeed decreased and increased.

However, decrease and increase in prices in the past few days classified as not too significant. The range only moves between IDR 1,000 to IDR 8,000.

Here are Antam's gold prices in other fractions as of today, Thursday (9/19/2019):

0.5 gram: IDR 408,500

1 gram: IDR 759,000

5 grams: IDR. 3,614,000

10 grams: IDR 7,140,000

25 grams: IDR 17,687,500

50 grams: IDR 35,255,000

100 grams: IDR 70,390,000

250 grams: IDR 175,587,500

500 grams: IDR 350,875,000

1,000 grams: IDR 701,600,000. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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