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Celebrate World Cleanup Day, Anambas Regency Government and 60 Institutions Clean-Up in 6 Locations

Celebrate World Cleanup Day in Anambas Islands was held by 60 institutions and the government. WCD carried out in Tarempa divided into 6 locations.

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World Cleanup Day in Tarempa, Saturday (9/21/2019). - In commemoration of "World Cleanup Day" which is held simultaneously at 150 Countries and 34 Provinces in Indonesia, and 7 Regencies in Riau Islands Province, including in Tarempa, Siantan District, Anambas Islands, Saturday (21/9 / 2019).

The activity was attended by Regent Abdul Haris accompanied by Vice Regent Wan Zuhendra, and 60 institutions taking part in the field.

Before starting the clean action, participants took part in joint exercises at Sulaiman Abdullah Tarempa Football Field.

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After gymnastics together, Anambas Islands Regent Abdul Haris delivered his message.

"With this step, we can create a waste-free environment, and produce useful things, especially in waste management," Haris said in a speech witnessed by audience.

WCD that carried out in Tarempa will be divided into 6 locations.

Namely, on Jalan Hangtuah, Pelantar Serkah, Jalan Raden Saleh, Masjid Jami ' intersection, Taman Bermadah, and Jalan Ahmad Yani.

WCD participants seemed to bring a broom stick.

The event committee also provided participants with garbage bags and other clean equipment.

Mukhtar Hakim, as WCD Core Team Volunteer, said that clean action throughout the world is expected to make clean anambas from garbage.

"Especially plastic rubbish, because plastic rubbish decompose for around 450 years, and our message are always maintain cleanliness, not littering, not littering into the sea. Because the sea is not a rubbish bin, because trash thrown into the sea will damage marine ecosystems, especially fish and other animals, "Hakim said to the, Saturday (9/21/2019).

"With commemoration of clean-up day that life in Anambas Islands, it is hoped that we can participate in this activity. I invite the public not to litter, because we have provided garbage bins, it is hoped that citizens can reduce the use of plastic bags in the market," concluded Haris in his speech. ( Tika)

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