Headquartered In Batam For 2 Months, Apparently, 47 Cyber Criminals From Taiwan Haven't Been Paid

The arrests of 47 foreign citizens (foreigners) that involved in cyber crime by the Barelang Police then gave rise to a number of facts.

Headquartered In Batam For 2 Months, Apparently, 47 Cyber Criminals From Taiwan Haven't Been Paid
Exposure of Fraud Cases by Foreigners at Barelang Police, BATAM -  The arrests of 47 foreign citizens (foreigners) that involved in cyber crime by the Barelang Police on Wednesday (9/18/2019) then gave rise to a number of facts. 

Despite of making Batam as their headquarters in committing the crimes, the big boss of this crime is in their home country. 

CJ alias AL was the mastermind behind the fraud and extortion that carried out by a dozens of these Foreign Citizens (foreigners) that operating in Batam, Indonesia. 

Every month, CJ has to spend a hundreds of millions of rupiah to finance the activities of the foreigners while in the city of Batam

This was revealed when a foreigner from Taiwan, Along, admitted that they only worked according to the instructions from CJ. 

Along with being a watchdog in this foreign crime activity, he said that CJ was responsible for all their activities while in Batam. 

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But the way of giving the money isn't directly to the foreigners, later, there will be a part that regulates the finances till how they get a commission. 

But, Along feels sad, for almost two months of work doing the fraudulent activities and extortion of dozens of foreigners, it turns out, they have not received a salary at all. 

"He said we would be rewarded after returning to our home countries," Along, in Taiwanese language told to the 

In carrying out the action, they pretended to disguise themselves as Chinese police officers, then they searched for the victims by contacting the targeted victims. ( Lumbantobing) 

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