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Fire On SLAMET MOUNTAIN Increasingly Expands, Ganjar Prepare Water Bombing

Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo said the water bombing would be carried out immediately if the fire unflagging in the Slamet Mountain area.
Thick smog can be seen rising from the forest slopes of Mount Slamet, in west side. (DOC. PERHUTANI KPH EAST BANYUMAS) -  Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo said the water bombing would be carried out immediately if the fire unflagging in the Slamet Mountain area. 

Coordination has been carried out between the local government and the Department National Disaster Management (BNPB). 

"If within 1-2 days it does not unflagging, we will prepare the water bombing. We have coordinated with BNPB and requested a blackout with that method," Ganjar said after attending the Caring for Nation III walk in the Central Java Governor's office, Sunday (9/22/2019). 

Ganjar also ordered all the regents at the foot of Mount Slamet namely Brebes, Pekalongan, Purbalingga, Banyumas and Tegal to work together to put out the blackouts. 

"The province has already helped, yesterday we also sent some of the logistics. We just need to encourage the ranks of the regents around Mount Slamet to carry out the executions," he said. 

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Ganjar asked that all of the people in the last village of Mount Slamet to restrain themselves. They were asked not to go up to the mountain to meet needs such as looking for grass and other activities that had the risk of fire. 

"Im asking for the helps for continue to keep socialized, people around the mountain must continue to be educated. I also ask that all the hiking routes should be closed first," he explained. 

The fire on Mount Slamet occurred since last Tuesday (09/17/2019). The fire area which was starts in Brebes Regency, now has spread to Banyumas Regency. (*) 

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