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Logistics Cost at Batu Ampar Harbour Still Expensive, This Is BP Batam's Plan

Secretariat of Republic Indonesia Vice President visit Batu Ampar Harbour & concern about high logistics costs on Batam-Singapore that get complained.

Director of BPP Batam, Nasrul Amri Latif together with Indonesian Vice-Presidential Secretariat team, paid a working visit to Batu Ampar Harbour, Batam, Riau Islands, Thursday (9/19/2019). - Secretariat of Republic Indonesia Vice President, paid a working visit to Batu Ampar Harbour, Batam, Riau Islands, Thursday (9/19/2019).

Assistant Deputy Finance, Investment and Business Entity, Secretariat of Vice President Office, Ahmad Lutfie said, the purpose of his visit with team was to check obstacles faced by BP Batam in developing Batu Ampar Harbour.

This was also a follow up to the arrival of Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla to Batam, last June.

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"We see the potential of Batu Ampar Harbour is large, only Government has ability to push this port can operate even more optimally," said Ahmad Lutfie, in BP Batam Public Relations release received Tribun, Saturday (9/21/2019).

It is known that the issue of high logistics costs in Batam has been complained by entrepreneurs. This also inhibits economic growth, especially in Batam, Riau Islands.

Therefore, Batam Business Entity called Badan Pengusahaan (BP) through Batam Harbour Management Agency or Badan Pengelola Pelabuhan (BPP) as the authority for this, is currently preparing short-term, medium-to-long-term plans. The goal is to get around high logistics costs.

Batam BPP Director, Nasrul Amri Latif stated, the logistical cost constraints in Batam are inseparable from several things.

Among them are high freight costs, port loading and unloading facilities that are less than port standards, direct call development opportunities, as well as untapped transhipment, to logistics management at ports that are still carried out by logistic companies from Singapore on a door-to-door basis.

"There are a number of short-term solutions that we strive for," he said.

Such as the plan to reduce freight costs from initially USD 400 to USD 250-280 Batam-Singapore, as well as increasing the efficiency of loading and unloading facilities by providing HMC (Harbor Mobile Crane), RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantry) and HT (Head Truck).

"BP Batam also plans to expand container yard area (CY) which was originally 2 hectares to 10 hectares and plans a direct call to China and Africa," Nasrul said.

BP Batam received information from the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), a barge may dock at Port of Singapore (PSA). BP Batam will explore it to reduce logistics costs.

As for current medium term plan, they will develop a transhipment hub port by managing port management and optimizing northern pier of Batu Ampar Harbour.

In the future, integration of Batu Ampar Harbour will also be carried out by intermodal transport services for containers and air cargo, tranship and transhipment services to support direct calls that will be available. In addition, the provision of modern port facilities for container, tanker, warehousing, residential, and office services.

BP Batam needs support from Central Government. Beside Batu Ampar Harbor, Vice President's Secretariat Team was taken to Kabil Liquid Bulk Terminal. They saw the development port there. (* / / dewi haryati)

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