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Public Market Could Become Indonesian National Standard Market

Indonesia Ministry of Trade said public market could become Indonesian National Standard Market (SNI). Here's ministry explanation about SNI market.
Secretary for Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Orderly Commerce the Ministry of Trade, Chandrini Mestika Dewi (Black Shirt) after attending inauguration first TPID Market in Batam. - Secretary for Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Orderly Commerce, Ministry of Trade, Chandrini Mestika Dewi said public market could become Indonesian National Standard Market (SNI).

"Currently there is SNI for public markets, which are voluntary. So a market that is ready (becoming SNI) can apply for certification, "he said after visiting the inauguration of Batam TPID Market, Saturday (9/21/2019).

He acknowledged that the total of Public Markets in Indonesia that received SNI certification was only small amount, namely below 20 percent, so there was a need for participation of local governments to complete fascism in realizing SNI Market.

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"For example, in SNI-compliant market there must be a health clinic, then there is a place for promote market to buyers, availability of water that is free of bacteria, then there is a division of wet and dry areas," Chandrini said.

SNI market was created according to Chandrini, further enhance the interest of buyers in shopping at Public Market, so impression of slums and muddy no longer exists.

After reviewing the location of first TPID Market in Batam City that was recently inaugurated.

Chandrini provided some inputs so TPID Market could get SNI certification.

"Maybe it is more to the existence of a clearer division and sales locations, then there is a clearer organizational structure," he said.

At the end, Chandrini explained to distribution of SNI Market in Indonesia. Among them are those scattered in several regions such as West Sumatra, Bali, Jakarta, Depok, Central Java, and Yogyakarta. In total, there are 36 people's markets that have SNI. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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