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Today, Wednesday (9/25) Antam Gold Prices Rise IDR 4,000 at IDR 778,000 per Gram

Based on Antam Metals website,, Wednesday (9/25) gold price recorded at IDR 778,000 per gram. Increase to the previous day of IDR 4,000

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Illustration of Antam Gold. - The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) was quoted from Antam Metals website,, Wednesday (9/25) recorded at IDR 778,000 per gram.

With these prices, indicate that there is an increase in gold bar prices when compared to the previous day of IDR 4,000.

Meanwhile, the buy back price or price that obtained when selling Antam Gold by gold bar holders on Wednesday (9/25) is IDR 693,000.

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The buy back price is also known to rise by IDR 5,000 compared to the previous day prices.

Over past week, gold price has decreased and increased.

Recorded, in past 7 days the value of gold reached its lowest value at 761,000 on last Thursday (9/19/2019).

Meanwhile, gold price has continued to increase since September 19 until today Wednesday (9/25/2019), although Monday (9/23/2019) gold price had decreased by IDR 1,000.

Here are Antam's gold prices in other fractions for today, Monday (9/23/2019):

0.5 gram: IDR 417,000

1 gram: IDR 778,000

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