Central Java Shaken by the Earthquake, This is The Evidence of Semarang Fault Still Active

Thursday (9/26/2019) around 14.06 WIB and 22.14 WIB, Kendal to Temanggung area was shaked by a Tectonic Earthquake. See the details.

Central Java Shaken by the Earthquake, This is The Evidence of Semarang Fault Still Active
The Kendal Earthquake on Thursday (9/26/2019) showed that the Semarang fault was still active. -  Thursday (9/26/2019) around 14.06 WIB and 22.14 WIB, the Kendal to Temanggung area was shaked by a tectonic earthquake. BMKG analysis results show this earthquake has a magnitude of M 3.3. 

The epicenter is located at coordinates 7.04 latitude and 110.09 east longitude, or precisely located on land at a distance of 17 km southwest of Kendal, Central Java at a depth of 13 km. 

Reviewed from the location of the epicenter and its depth it appears that the earthquake that occurred was a shallow crustal earthquake due to the active fault activity. 

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Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Section, Daryono, said that the earthquake generator was strongly suspected to be the Semarang fault system at the end of the westernmost segment south of Cepiring, because the epicenter of the earthquake was on this fault line. 

The impact of the earthquake described by the BMKG shakemap and from community reports shows that shocks are felt in Kendal, Cepiring, Kaliwungu, Mangkang, and Kedu Temanggung on the MMI II intensity scale, which means that vibrations are felt by some people, the light objects are hanging was shaking. 

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"Even though this earthquake is relatively small and has the little impact, the Kendal earthquake is an evidence and a reminder to all of us that the structure of the Semarang Fault or Semarang Thrust that passes in the City of Semarang is still active, so it should be watched out," said Daryono, Friday (9/27/2019). 

History of the Semarang earthquake

The people of Kendal City, Semarang and Ungaran need to know the history of the Semarang and Ungaran earthquakes that occurred in the Dutch era on February 19, 1856. 

According to Daryono, the earthquake was quite strong to shake Semarang, Ungaran, and surrounding areas. 

"For this reason, the community needs to understand the importance of the buildings that have a strong structures and safe from earthquakes. Besides that, you must also understand how to survive during an earthquake," Daryono concluded. (*)

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