What's Suitable Name For Batam Museum? Mayor Will Gives It After Back From Jakarta

Batam city museum was already registered with Ministry of Education and Culture. Mayor said will be decide the name after he returned from Jakarta.

What's Suitable Name For Batam Museum? Mayor Will Gives It After Back From Jakarta
Another collection that is owned by Batam Museum for home furnishings from the ancient Malay community is belange obat periuk. - Batam Tourism and Culture Department has registered former MTQ Astaka as a museum at Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud).

Head of Batam City Tourism and Culture Department, Ardiwinata, revealed that Batam city museum was already registered with Ministry of Education and Culture.

"Our museum has been recorded at Ministry of Education and Culture" said Ardiwinata on Sunday (9/29/2019).

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For Batam City Museum itself, so far Mayor of Batam is still looking for the name revealed by Ardiwinata.

"Now Mayor is looking for the right name for Museum," said Ardiwinata

Ministry of Education and Culture plans to revitalize Batam city museum.

"Insyaallah, this year Ministry of Education and Culture will pour revitalization for Museum, which is planned for Ministry of Education and Culture Team will come tomorrow (09/30/2019).

When confirmed regarding the name of Museum to Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi said the draft name was in his hands but will be decided on Wednesday (2/10/2019) after he returned from Jakarta.

"The name has been prepared, insyaallah, Wednesday (10/10/2019) I decided" said Muhammad Rudi.

Collection that will be on display at this museum is history of Batam's journey.

Starting from the time of Nong Isa in Sultanate of Riau Lingga, the entry period of Batam Authority, the formation of an administrative government, to become a developing Batam like now.

Beside that, cultural products will also be exhibited wither the local citizens.

In fact, there is collection of hundreds ceramic pieces found in the sea of ​​Sembulang, Galang. (TRIBUNBATAM.ID/ALAMUDIN)

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