RIOTS In WAMENA, LIPI Researcher Said: the Government was Focuses on Development and Economy Only

Ethnic riots that occurred in Wamena, Papua, also carve a dark history of the Indonesian people.. See the details.

RIOTS In WAMENA, LIPI Researcher Said: the Government was Focuses on Development and Economy Only
Residents of Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua, who are now evacuate in Silar Papare village, Jayapura Regency, Sunday (29/9/2019) ( Suwandi) -  Ethnic riots that occurred in Wamena, Papua, also carve a dark history of the Indonesian people.

The riots even caused the deep trauma for the victims so they did'nt dare to return to Wamena.

Based on the report, on Monday (09/30/2019), President Joko Widodo said, a number of rioters who caused the 33 of deaths in Wamena, Papua, had been arrested by the police.

The president did not specify how many that were arrested and their identities. The President was only mentioned that the rioters were a criminal of group. 

In response, political researcher from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Aisah Putri Budiarti, emphasized the importance of the government's commitment to address the roots of the riots. 

"The government must be committed to resolving the root causes of this conflict, don't just focus on one or two problems," she said, Tuesday (10/1/2019). 

The woman who is familiarly called Puput also said, the Wamena case must be resolved properly, such as an open, objective and the complete investigation.

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In addition, Puput assessed that the government must also do the trauma healing to the victims.  

Puput said, there are four root that causes of the cases in Papua that discovered by LIPI, namely political and historical status, marginalization and discrimination of the indigenous Papuans, development failures, state violence and human rights violations. 

Puput asserted, the root of the problem must be resolved through the dialogue so that the resolution of the Papua case is not only focused on the certain issues.

"The problem so far, is that the government only focuses on the development and the economy. The social and political issues are not visible," she said. (*)

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