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August 2019, the Visits of Tourists in KEPRI was Increased, Dominated by the Tourists from Singapore

The Central Statistics Department (BPS) of the Kepri Province noted that tourist visits was increased by August 2019 to 265,718 peoples.

Foreign tourists who are on vacation to Indonesia, are capturing the photos of the traditional dancer - The Central Statistics Department (BPS) of the Kepri Province noted that tourist visits was increased by August 2019 to 265,718 peoples.

This increase was also very visible when compared to the previous month with only 217,957 people.

"When compared to August 2018, it has also experienced an increase of 12.55 percent," said Head of BPS Kepri, Zulkifli, Sunday (10/06/2019)

If counted from January to August 2019 the number of tourist visits reached until 1,888. 958 people. 

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He conveyed, most of foreign tourists visiting was dominated by the Singaporeans with over 881,716 people. 

"For second place, foreign tourists come from China, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Britain, Australia and America," he said.

The number of foreign tourists that visiting Kepri by the region, first ranked is still led by the City of Batam, which is as many as 1,270,873 people. 

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"The second ranked is Bintan, with 425,250 people, Tanjung Pinang with 116,600 people, and Karimun with 76,235 people," he said.

He stated, the Room Occupancy Rate (TPK) of starred hotels in Kepri itself in August 2019 reached an average of 47.82 percent, or decreased 1.85 points compared to the TPK in July 2019 of 49.67 percent. 

"When viewed, the average length of stay of foreign guests, and Indonesian guests at the star-rated hotels in Kepri on August 2019 was 2.23 days, or up till 0.24 points compared to the average length of stay of guests in July 2019 ," he added. ( 

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