Buy Imoo Y1 Watch Phone, Get IDR 200,000 Cashback

Imoo Watch Phone special offer was given specifically for Imoo Watch Phone Y1 series. Gave casback promo of IDR 200,000 for the purchase of Imoo Y1.

Buy Imoo Y1 Watch Phone, Get IDR 200,000 Cashback Hastin Pinakesti
Imoo Promoter showing products of technological watches for children. - For those of you who are currently looking for children's watches, Imoo Watch Phone, a watch manufacturer offers special promo during October 2019.

Imoo promoter in Batam, Ahmad Rinaldo said special offer was given specifically for people who want to buy Imoo Watch Phone Y1 series.

"During this month we gave casback promo of IDR 200,000 for the purchase of Imoo Y1, promotion is not only in Batam, but throughout Indonesia," he told TribunBatam on Tuesday (8/10).

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He said, if the normal price of Imoo Y1 is priced at IDR 999,000, during this promo visitors only need to spend IDR 799 thousand.

In general, aside from supporting the appearance of Imoo Watch Phone, it is also used as a tool for parents to increase their control over children.

Imoo Y1 itself is equipped with call functions, class mode, chat and also real-time location that is used to monitor the presence of children.

Not only the Y1 series, currently Imoo Watch Phone has several other series options such as Z5 and Z2.

"The most fundamental difference between Imoo Z5 and Z2 with Y1 is the presence of a camera so users can make video calls," Ahmad said.

 To have another series from Imoo Watch Phone like Z5, visitors have to spend IDR 3,199 million. Meanwhile, the Z2 series can be obtained at price of IDR 2.199 million. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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