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Batu Ampar Port Isn't Eligible, Starting in December Pelni Ship Port Returns to Sekupang Batam

Batu Ampar Port functioned as Pelni Harbor, is considered inappropriate. Pelni Harbor will move to Sekupang. Passenger transportation can be did there

Condition of Pelni port in Batu Ampar Batam looks very improper to be used as a passenger and goods port. - Because Batu Ampar Port, which has been functioned as Pelni Harbor, is considered inappropriate, BP Batam will immediately move Pelni Harbor to Sekupang.

Director of Promotion and Public Relations of Batam Entrepreneurship Agency called Badan Pengusahaan (BP), Dendi Gustinandar, said the target is approaching Christmas or New Year, port can be moved back to Sekupang.

The hope, passenger transportation ahead of Christmas or New Year can be operational there.

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"The process is currently being prepared. It is targeted that Christmas or New Year transportation plans can be shifted to Sekupang," Dendi said to Tribun, Wednesday (09/10/2019).

He continued, the port operation is preparing several things needed for removal. BP Batam has also communicated with Pelni regarding this transfer.

While for the repair of warehouses at Sekupang Port, repair budget is still in process.

"This will be resolved. The community needs as soon as possible," he said.

Previously, the existence of Pelni Port in Batuampar caused many complaints from passengers of the ship.

Because the condition of port is deemed unfit to be passenger port.

When he came to Batam last May, Indonesian Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, also had dialogue with four to five passengers on Dorolonda boat, about the complaints they felt, and their input.

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