BMKG: Typhoon Hagibis Triggers 4 Meters Wave in Indonesian Waters, Communities Are Urged on Alert

BMKG urges to the public to be aware of the potential of high waves in a number of areas. Check the Infos below.

BMKG: Typhoon Hagibis Triggers 4 Meters Wave in Indonesian Waters, Communities Are Urged on Alert
Fishing boats crashing the high waves in the waters of the Turtle Bay (Teluk Penyu), Cilacap, Central Java. - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Department revealed the Typhoon Hagibis 915 hPa in the Pacific Ocean of the Northeast of the Philippines which has the potential to trigger waves as high as 4 meters in Indonesian waters.

Head of BMKG's Climate and Weather Sub-Division, Agie Wandala said, Typhoon Hagibis is a tropical cyclone that currently occurring in the northern hemisphere.

"(The location) is quite far from Indonesia, so the impact is indirect," Agie said, when contacted by on Thursday (10/10/2019).

According to him, a tropical cyclone is a storm with an average radius of 150-200 km.

He explained, the tropical cyclones are formed over large oceans which generally have a warm sea surface temperatures with temperatures of 26.5 degrees celsius. 

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Meanwhile, sometimes at the center of a tropical cyclone, an area with relatively low wind speed and no clouds is formed that called the Cyclone's Eye.

The eye of this cyclone has a diameter that varies, which is 10-100 km. 

Not only that, the cyclone's eye is surrounded by a wall of the eye, which is a ring-shaped region that can reach a thickness of 16 km where this region has the highest wind speed and greatest rainfall.

The average life span of a tropical cyclone ranges from 3-18 days, because the energy of the cyclone is obtained from the warm ocean.

"Therefore, tropical cyclones will weaken or become extinct when they move into the cold waters or entering the land," Agie said. 

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