Dry Effect on the Face When Using Antiseptic Soap, What's the Solution?

Acne is one of the skin problem that makes us insecure and even embarrassed to appear in the public. Check out more..

Dry Effect on the Face When Using Antiseptic Soap, What's the Solution?
Illustration (Shutterstock) - Acne is one of skin problem that makes us insecure and even embarrassed to appear in the public.

So that the face is free from skin problems that tend to be stubborn, the entire range of skin care products were tested, one of which, antiseptic soap and special skin care products for acne prone skin. 

However, products with special ingredients to treat acne tend to be made from irritants and leave the face dry. 

Teaching Staff of the Department of Skin Health and Gender, Faculty of Medicine, Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed) / RSUD Prof. Dr. Margono Sorkarjo, Ismiralda Okke Putranti said that, in general, soaps that gives rise of foams contain the irritating ingredients or cause irritation to the skin. 

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"The soap includes acne soap, usually there are ingredients that are attractive in the dirt as well as excess oil, so that when you finish washing your face, it actually dries out," Okke said when contacted by on Saturday (12/10/2019).

According to her, the cause of special acne prone skin soap contains Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), salicylic acid, sulfur, and others.

The materials are allegedly irritant. 

Meanwhile, so that our skin is free from pimples and not dry, Okke offers a number of tips that can be done, including:

  • Choose mild soap specifically for acne
  • Do not wash your face by rubbing for too long, just by turning in all areas of the face
  • Avoid the eyes and mouth area
  • Wash your face should be less than 1 minute and rinse with water
  • Immediately use a moisturizer that suits with your skin type 

Antiseptic soap

Responding to this, Okke explained that using antiseptic soap can help slightly overcome the acne.

"Why can it be pimples, that's one of them because the normal bacterial colonization in the skin pores is on the rise, so the use of antiseptics can help a little, but keep in mind, that the cause of acne isn't just that," Okke said. 

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She added, the cause of acne can be caused by a disrupted of keratinization process, so that a blockage occurs.

Then there are also other factors, namely the increased of sebum gland activity and inflammatory reactions. 

In addition, a senior lecturer at the Trisakti University, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. dr. Titi Moertolo, SpKK FINSDV said that soap has so many kinds and levels of ingredients contained, making it difficult to determine the causes that make the skin dry.

The amount of ingredients in the soap is also difficult to guess, what if the product causes an unsuitable reaction or an allergic reaction to the skin. (*) 

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