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Reckless of Wearing A Sexy Bikini, Taiwanese Tourists Get Fined as many as 2,500 Pesos, In Boracay

A Taiwanese tourist was fined of 2,500 pesos for wearing a bikini. According to a police officer, the tourist only wore a string on Boracay. (Shutterstock)
Pantai Pasir Putih (White sand beach) in Boracay, Philippines - A Taiwanese tourist was fined 2,500 pesos for wearing a bikini. According to a police officer, the tourist only wore a string on Boracay.

The tourist, who is around 20 years old, was summoned to the Boracay police station after a picture of her wearing a two-piece bikini along the white sand beach (pantai pasir putih), Boracay Island, circulated on social media.

"Some residents and tourists took photos of her on Wednesday and Thursday because of what she's wearing," said Maj. Jess Baylon, Head of the Malay city (Kota Melayu)  police, which belongs to the Boracay area to the INQUIRER site. 

On Wednesday, October 9, the tourist wore a white string bikini and a red string with the same cut at following day. 

The photos that circulating on the social media and becoming viral were attracting the attention of The Boracay Inter-Agency Rehabilitation Management Group. They directed the island's police to call attention to tourists on Wednesday.

Baylon said they tracked tourists to a hotel at Station 1. She and her boyfriend, along with the hotel representatives, were taken to the police station on Thursday, October 10 at 17:30. 

While at the police station, the tourist who was wearing the dress told to the police that she had no problem of wearing the bikini. 

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According to Baylon, the tourist considered it to be "a form of expression and feeling comfortable with her body." 

She also told to the police that the bikini was the usual clothes that she wore in Taiwan

Some Boracay residents posted in mixed reactions on social media, but many of them said that the bikini was "indecent." 

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Because the authorities were unable to find any regulations that prohibited the use of very minimal swimwear, tourists were given quotation tickets and fulfilled the fines that based on the provisions of regulations prohibiting the taking and displaying "obscene" photos. 

Mostly, foreign tourists that bathing without clothes were tolerated on Boracay until the early 1990s, where at that time there were still a few tourists and residents on the island.

However, because of the surge in tourist arrivals and residents, that means the area is becoming less remote and private. (*) 

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