Student Solidarity Action in Batam City, Light up 1000 Candles at Batam Centre

A group of students in Batam held solidarity action at Batam Polytechnic basketball court. Each of student holds a candle in their hands, total 1000.

Student Solidarity Action in Batam City, Light up 1000 Candles at Batam Centre Nusantara
Thousand Candle Activities. - Responding to several polemics in Indonesia, a group of students in Batam held solidarity action on Sunday (10/13/2019) night.

Located at Batam Polytechnic basketball court, the action was held with wisdom.

Each student holds a candle in their hands.

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There was also a musical accompaniment to the struggle song accompanying this action.

"My hero has fallen,as their promise of devotion," the students sang accompanied by Gugur Bunga song .

They gathered to pray for the misfortune that befall Indonesia some time ago.

The death of two students at Haluoleo University after rejecting Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Law as result of revision and Draft of Government Regulation (RKUHP).

Then the events of forest and land fires (Karhutla) in several areas, also several other tragedies were handful of reasons for their unrest and sadness. (dna)

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