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Forest and Land Fires Never End, Palembang was 'Still' Exposed to the Extreme Haze

As a result, Palembang is exposed to the extreme haze, thus making the visibility reduced dramatically on Monday (10/14/2019).
Extreme haze covered the city of Palembang, due to forest and land fires that still occur in several areas in South Sumatra, Monday (10/14/2019). -   Forest and land fires (karhutla) in a number of areas in South Sumatra still occur.

As a result, Palembang is exposed to extreme haze, thus making visibility reduced dramatically on Monday (10/14/2019).

Head of the Observation and Information Section of the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin (SMB) II Meteorological Station, Palembang, Bambang Beny Setiaji said that surface winds generally come from the East-Southeast direction with a speed of 5-20 knots (9-37kilometers / hour). forest and land fires to the Palembang city area. 

In addition, a source from the National Aeronautics and Space Department (LAPAN) noted that several hotspots in the southeastern region of Palembang had a confidence level above 80 percent. 

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That contributed to the influx of smoke into the city of Palembang from Banyuasin, Pampangan, Tulung Selapan, Pedamaran, Pemulutan, Cengal, Pematang Panggang and Mesuji.

Total hotspots with confidence levels above 80 percent for the South Sumatra region, that's as many as 260 points. 

Most hotspots are in Ogan Komering Ilir Regency (OKI) with 139 hotspots and Banyuasin District with 67 hotspots. 

"This condition makes Palembang in the most extreme conditions during the forest and land fires, with an indication of the quantity and visibility that occurs," said Bambang.

According to Bambang, smoke intensity generally increases in the morning (04.00-08.00 WIB) and in the afternoon (16.00-20.00) WIB. 

Bambang continued, the smoke phenomenon was indicated by low humidity with dry particles in the air.

Other indications, reduce visibility, typical aroma, sore in the eyes, disturbing breathing and the sun looks orange / red in the morning / evening.

This has the potential to worsen if there is a mixture of high humidity (wet particles / water vapor), thus forming a smoke haze phenomenon that generally occurs in the morning. 

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"The lowest visibility this morning was around 50-150 meters from 06.30-08.30 WIB, with humidity at that time 95-96 percent. This situation affected of 7 flights at Palembang's SMB II Airport which being experienced the delays," Bambang said.

Bambang said, rainfall is expected to occur in the next three days. (*) 

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