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Batam 2020 UMK Estimated Rp 4.1 Millions, Apindo Asks for the Tax & Incentive Relief

Batam Minimum Wage Amount (UMK) of 2020 is estimated to be at Rp 4.1 million. At present, the amount of the UMK Batam is Rp. 3.8 million. SIMAMORA
Chairman of Apindo Batam, Rafki Rasyid, BATAM -  Batam Minimum Wage Amount (UMK) of 2020 is estimated to be at Rp 4.1 million. 

That is if it refers to the economic growth and the national inflation.

At present, the amount of the UMK Batam is Rp. 3.8 million. 

When asked for his response about the increase of UMK Batam, the Chairman of the Indonesian Employers' Association (Apindo) Batam, Rafki Rasyid said, the increase of UMK this year would be heavily borne by the business community. 

Batam 2020 UMK Predicted Rp 4.1 Million, Apindo Hopes Entrepreneurs Can Survive Without Layoffs

"Because there is a global and national economic that being slowdown at the same time," Rafki told Tribun Batam, Wednesday night (10/16/2019). 

At present, business is not going well.

According to him, when all the entrepreneurs are burdened again with the increase of UMK, of course it will be even more severe. 

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Therefore, Apindo hopes that investors in Batam will continue to survive in this condition.

Of course, while waiting for the recovery of the economic conditions.

Another hope, Apindo hopes that the government can provide more incentives to entrepreneurs. 

"In the form of tax breaks to convert the burden of wage increases that borne by the employers in next year," he hoped. 

Meanwhile, for the amount of the Batam UMK number next year, Apindo hasn't give the commented much on that matter. 

"Let's wait for the results of the calculation of inflation and national economic growth for 2019 from the Ministry of Manpower," said Rafki. ( haryati) 

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