Batam Disbudpar Build Tower of View on Barelang I Bridge, Why It's So Special?

Batam Disbudpar build tower of view at Barelang I Bridge. Hopefully this tower of view will become supporting tourist attraction specially in Batam. Sitanggang
Tower of View at Barelang I Bridge is currently under construction. - Batam City Culture and Tourism Department (Disbudpar) completes tourism support facilities at Batam Barelang I Bridge.

Namely by building a tower of view.

The existence by this tower of view will become supporting tourist attraction for tourists visiting at Barelang I Bridge.

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This tower is located on the right side of the road at the base of Barelang I Bridge, from Batuaji to Galang.

From the tower of view, tourists can see the beauty of  Barelang I Bridge and also the surrounding islands.

Head of Batam City Culture and Tourism Department, Ardhi Winata said, the parties continue to improve for increase tourist visits in Batam.

"Our target is the facilities we build can increase tourist visits to Batam, starting with local, national and international tourists," Ardhi said.

Beside Barelang I Bridge, Batam Disbudpar is also completing supporting facilities at Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah mosque, Tanjunguncang.

"We hope that with supporting facilities, tourist visits will continue to increase," Ardhi said. ( Sitanggang)

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