Impact of Black Market Cellphone Blocking Plan, Buyer Visits at Lucky Plaza Reduced

Black Market of Electronic goods at Lucky Plaza Nagoya Batam began to diminish. It happened due to policy of government to block illegal cellphone.

Impact of Black Market Cellphone Blocking Plan, Buyer Visits at Lucky Plaza Reduced
Cellphone sales center at Lucky Plaza Nagoya. The policy of central government that will block illegal mobile phones (Black Market, BM) based on identification of IMEI number. - Electronic goods at affordable prices, aka cheap, began to diminish at Nagoya Batam cellphone center.

It happened due to policy of central government that would block illegal mobile phones (Black Market, BM) based on the identification of IMEI number. monitoring at Batam cellphone center, Lucky Plaza Nagoya Batam, hundreds of cellphone outlets look quiet.

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There were only one and two visitors who came to buy cellphone.

"Sometimes it's quiet, sometimes it's busy, selling only sells one even in a day, ”said cellphone seller at Oppo's mobile booth, Lucky Plaza, Friday (10/18/2019).

That is different from few months ago, usually they have lot of sales, he said.

Is that due to policy of blocking IMEI cellphones, this cellphone seller claimed that since the existence of that regulation information some time ago, it made people visit to cellphone center even less.

People who are generally looking for black market phones at lower prices, are no longer easy to find in Lucky Plaza.

Even some outlets in Lucky Plaza cellphone center no longer sell BM goods.

As a result, people no longer need to come all the way to Nagoya cellphone center to get cheap mobile phones, because the price range has been the same in various other stores.

In contrast to Oppo Lucky Plza and SST Sei Harapan cellphone supervisor Adven Zebuah, he considered that the regulation of government regulations on blocking BM had made mobile phone competition more healthy.

Even though each outlet no longer displays black market (BM) products, consumers will no longer want to buy BM goods.

Because there are already government regulations about blocking IMEI.

It's just sometimes, said Advent when people want to buy a cell phone, not all buyers understand whether it is BM or legal goods, he said.

Related to this prohibition of BM goods, some time ago each cellphone shop owner was officially written by Batam Industry and Trade Department, he said. (Blt)

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