Handover Sei Temiang Road to Pemko Batam Scheduled End of 2019

Will expire in December 2019, construction of Sei Temiang two-lane road in Batam will be handover to Pemko Batam. This the explanation from official

Handover Sei Temiang Road to Pemko Batam Scheduled End of 2019 Sitanggang
Construction of Sei Temiang two-lane road, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, will expire in December 2019. - The construction of Sei Temiang two-lane road, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, will expire in December 2019.

Furthermore, the road will be handed over to Batam City Government (Pemko).

"Sei Temiang two-lane road, still in the process of being worked out, the contract ends in 2019," said Yumasnur, Head of Batam City Water Resources Department, Wednesday (10/16/2019).

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He said, the construction of Sei Temiang two-lane road for 2019, was carried out until Sei Temiang funeral.

"So the road is still follow-up project. For the following year the work on Sei Temiang road will continue until Simpang Base Camp," said Yumasnur.

Yumasnur, explained that Sei Temiang road will be used after the contractor has finished carrying out work and central government through Provincial Government hands over the utilization of the road to Pemko Batam .

"So for utilization of the road to public, it cannot yet be carried out if progress is not completed," Yumasnur said. ( Sitanggang)

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